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Contamination Prevention For Mushroom Growers

It takes a lot of hard work to go from spore or culture to harvesting freshly fruited mushrooms. Growing mushrooms from scratch requires a sterile environment and proper sterile technique during virtually every process for recurrent success.

Please make no mistake: adding one of our flow hoods to your home or commercial lab will completely transform your grows and workflow. However, your sterile procedures while operating the flow hood are still critical to your success.

A single mold spore can wreck all your hard work. So, how can you keep troublesome contaminants from ruining your work after months of hard work and materials invested? Clean, clean, and clean some more!


Create A Sterile Environment To Work 

Most of us are cultivating mushrooms in our homes. In this case, the cleaner you keep your house, the better your chance of success.

Most contaminants like mold spores and fungus spores are spread through the air. Not to mention contaminants can be found in your carpet, trash cans, sinks, pets, furniture, garbage disposals, refrigerator, cultivation tools, your hands, your breath, clothes, and mushroom cultures or substrates themselves.


You’ll want to eliminate sources of contamination in your house or lab.  In addition, you need to provide the most sterile working environment you can to give your mycelium the greatest chance of succeeding and fruiting mushrooms.

Virtually every procedure, from substrate preparation to the final fruiting process, needs to be performed in conditions as sterile as possible.  Consequently, some understanding of sterilization techniques and laboratory work is required to work with mushroom culture medium and during all processes involved in mushroom cultivation.

Let’s look at potential sources of contamination so we can understand what we can do to reduce the risk of contamination while increasing the chances of success in our grows.

Contaminants In The Air

 For mushroom growers, the air is one of the most common sources of contamination.  Mold spores and other contaminants are everywhere, even though they aren’t visible to the human eye, and they’re just waiting for the opportunity to destroy your hard work.


Use a still air box (SAB)  or one of my laminar flow hood for inoculations and culture work! 
Whether using a SAB or a Flow Hood, you first need to designate a room, closet, or area in your house, whichever has the least airflow and best chance of still air.  
Check out my shop to get set up with a sterile and contamination free work area for your mushroom grows. 
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