How to Create An Inoculation Room

Designate a room in your home to set up your SAB or Flow Hood.  Closets are one of the best choices and have several advantages over other parts of your home.  Closets are generally isolated from the air circulation systems in the rest of your home and have doors you can close to insulate further the space from any air currents in the room. 

Make sure to take any clothes or anything made of fabric out of the closet.  They are likely to store contaminants that the slightest movement will release. 

A bathroom or spare bedroom is the next best location for your lab.  No matter which room you choose to set up your lab, if you are using a SAB, it’s best to shut any HVAC vents in the room you are working in before cleaning and setup. 

Then wipe down all surfaces in the room with a solution of 10:1 water to isopropyl alcohol or 10:1 water to bleach solution.  Next, you can spray air sanitizer such as Lysol, which will help keep airborne contaminants to a minimum.


If you are using one of my flow hoods, you can skip shutting HVAC vents and using air sanitizer if you would like.  

You can set up a flow hood anywhere. 

Turn it on, sterilize your work area, tools, materials, and get to work.  Most cultivators like to run their flow hood for 15-30 minutes prior, which will filter and recirculate sterile air in the room.  

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