Pasteurization and Over-Hydration Of Spawn Or Substrate

If you’re utilizing coir or straw-based bulk substrate, all you need to do is pasteurize it.  However, it must be done correctly to reduce the risk of contamination.  Once your substrate ingredients are ready to go, it needs to be hydrated to field capacity, then move on to pasteurization.  Coir or Straw should be pasteurized for 90-120 minutes at 140-160°F.  Another option is to use a propane burner and a 55-gallon drum or similar drum to make a hot water bath.


Over-Hydration Of Spawn Or Substrate

Too much moisture.  This is one of the most common mistakes a new cultivator makes that almost always leads to contamination.  Ensuring that your grains or substrate are properly hydrated before sterilization or pasteurization is vital to successfully growing mushrooms. 

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