3x4 Flow Hoods Difference between horizontal and vertical flow hoods

The Difference Between Horizontal vs Vertical Flow Hoods

Horizontal flow hoods and vertical flow hoods are both types of laminar flow hoods that are used to control airborne contamination in various settings such as cleanrooms, microbiology labs, and manufacturing facilities, well and of course in mushroom cultivation. The main difference between the two types of flow hoods is the direction of the airflow. […]

Grow Mushrooms at home: Healthy golden oyster mushrooms growing in a bucket

What Do I Need to Grow Mushrooms at Home?

Growing mushrooms at home is a rewarding and fun activity that provides you with a fresh supply of tasty and nutritious mushrooms. Here are some things you’ll need to get started to grow mushrooms at home. Mushroom Spawn: Spawn is the starting material used to grow mushrooms. You can purchase spawn online or at local […]

4x2 vertical laminar Flow Hood made by FloCube.

How to Clean Your Flow Hood

A laminar flow hood is a critical piece of equipment used in a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, microbiology, and mycology. It is used to create a sterile work environment by directing filtered air over the workspace to minimize contamination. Cleaning your FloCube flow hood and work area helps to maintain a consistent […]

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