Laminar Flow Hoods for Agar Based Research

Laminar Flow Hoods for Agar Based Research 

In any research or experiment involving agar, maintaining a contamination-free work environment helps to achieve accurate, and, most importantly, reproducible results. The smallest introduction of unwanted microorganisms negatively impacts experiments and hinders progress. Here at FloCube we’re on a mission to help you create a contam-free work area for any and all research. We specialize in laminar flow hoods and high quality lab equipment for commercial use or home hobbyists. 

Flow hoods are the proven solution for sterile environments needed with delicate agar based research. FloCube Laminar Flow hoods are designed and built for lab quality contamination control at a price point that makes sense.

The Foundation of Flow Hoods

Understanding the Concept of Flow Hoods:

At the center of every flow hood lies the principle of unidirectional airflow. Flow hoods, also known as laminar flow hoods or laminar flow cabinets, operate by creating a continuous and controlled stream of clean air that flows over the workspace. 

This unidirectional airflow ensures that any airborne contaminants are efficiently swept away from the work area, preventing their deposition on agar plates, mycelium cultures, and other sensitive samples.

The HEPA Filtration System:

The heart and soul of a flow hood’s contamination control mechanism is the High-Efficiency Particulate Air aka the HEPA filter. The FloCube HEPA filter is designed to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.995%. 

When air is drawn into the FloCube flow hood, it passes through the HEPA filter, removing dust, spores, and other microscopic particles. The filtered air is then channeled through the workspace in a laminar flow pattern, creating a sterile environment. 

We also want to stress how important the use of MERV 8 prefilters is to keep your HEPA filter from clogging up reducing its lifespan significantly. . If you’re investing time and money into your research, why not take the next step and invest in a flow hood with ISO 5 HEPA filtration? We have a variety of sizes for home hobbyists or commercial use. Check out our FloCube shop to find the right Flow Hood for you.

Flow Hoods in Mushroom Cultivation

Chris founded FloCube with his love of mycology and mushroom cultivation as the inspiration. Since those first days, FloCube flow hoods have been purchased and used in a variety of settings as customers come from all over with all sorts of scientific backgrounds. FloCube flow hoods are the perfect solution for your research.

Mycologists face a constant battle against contamination. In the early stages of mushroom growth, contaminants can quickly overrun cultures and render them unusable. FloCube flow hoods with HEPA filtration provide a contamination free work area. You can work on your inoculations, agar work, and transfers with confidence knowing that our flow hood is hard at work keeping out contams. The absence of contamination ensures higher yields and consistency while reducing wasted grain, substrate, and you valuable time. . 

Flow Hoods for Agar Work and Plant Tissue Cultures

For researchers conducting agar-based experiments, maintaining uncontaminated agar plates is essential for accurate results. FloCube Flow Hoods provide the sterile environment required for pouring and inoculating agar plates, guaranteeing precise, and repeatable outcomes.

Flow Hoods for Plant Tissue Cultures:

When it comes to plant tissue cultures or any research involving sensitive biological materials, even minor contamination jeopardizes the integrity of the samples. FloCube Flow Hoods preserve the contam free environment around your cultures. Using a flow hood in any agar work, allows you to protect your research from air borne contamination.

Selecting the Appropriate Flow Hood

Horizontal vs. Vertical Flow Hoods:

FloCube Flow Hoods come in two main configurations: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal flow hoods direct the airflow horizontally across the workspace, while vertical flow hoods direct the airflow vertically downwards. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the research or cultivation tasks you have at hand.

FloCubes are providing researchers and cultivators with sterile, contam-free work spaces across the globe. Invest in a FloCube flow hood so you can focus on your research.

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