Impulse Sealers in Mycology - FloCube Product

Impulse Sealers in Mycology: Uses and Tips

In any lab work, including mycology, precision, and a sterile environment are the foundations of success. Your choice of lab equipment makes all the difference. Among the tools used in mushroom cultivation are impulse sealers. The impulse sealers available in our shop are budget-friendly, and essential, especially for small mushroom farms and hobbyists. In this […]

What Agar is used for in Mushroom Cultivation

What is Agar used for in Mushroom Cultivation?

Mycology, the scientific study of fungi, has captivated researchers and hobbyists alike for centuries, including me. One of the key techniques mycologists use in their research to understand fungi and cultivating mushrooms is the use of agar. So, why do we mycologists consider agar an indispensable component of the mushroom cultivation process? Good question. Here’s […]

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