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Impulse Sealers in Mycology: Uses and Tips

In any lab work, including mycology, precision, and a sterile environment are the foundations of success. Your choice of lab equipment makes all the difference. Among the tools used in mushroom cultivation are impulse sealers. The impulse sealers available in our shop are budget-friendly, and essential, especially for small mushroom farms and hobbyists. In this article, we’re gonna explore the uses and tips for using impulse sealers in mushroom cultivation. I’ll primarily focus on the applications of impulse sealers in mycology for both home hobbyists and small farm commercial use.

Understanding Impulse Sealers

Before we jump into the applications and tips for using impulse sealers, let’s begin with a brief overview of what they are. Impulse sealers, also known as heat sealers, are electromechanical devices designed to create airtight seals on plastic bags and other heat-sealable materials. They work by generating a controlled burst of heat that melts the sealing material, followed by rapid cooling to form a secure, airtight seal.

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The Purpose of an Impulse Sealer

The primary purpose of an impulse sealer in mycology is to create sterile, airtight seals on bags or containers. These seals serve multiple functions in mushroom cultivation.

Functions of Impulse Sealers in Mycology

Contamination Control: Impulse sealers play a huge role in preventing contamination of mushroom substrates, spore prints, agar plates, and other materials used in mushroom cultivation. By sealing bags or containers, they create a protective barrier against unwanted microorganisms.


Spore and Culture Storage: Mycologists often use impulse sealers to create sealed bags or containers for storing spore prints, agar cultures, or mycelium. These airtight seals help maintain the purity and viability of the stored materials.


Substrate Preparation: When preparing substrates for mushroom cultivation, such as grain jars or bags, impulse sealers are used to create sealed filter patches or injection ports. These seals allow for gas exchange while preventing contamination.

Types of Bags for Use with Impulse Sealers

Impulse sealers are compatible with various types of bags and materials commonly used in mycology. Here are a few examples of types of bags for use with Impulse Sealers.

  • Polyethylene Bags: Also called “Poly Bags.” These are the most common bags used with impulse sealers. They are heat-sealable and come in various sizes. They are versatile for sealing mushroom substrates, spore prints, and more.
  • Mylar Bags: Mylar bags are often used for long-term storage of spore prints and cultures. They provide an additional layer of protection against light and moisture. Impulse Sealers work great at sealing Mylar Bags.
  • Filter Patch Bags: Some mushroom cultivators prefer bags with built-in filter patches that allow for gas exchange while keeping contaminants out. Impulse sealers are effective in sealing Filter Patch bags. 
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Temperature Settings for Impulse Sealers

The temperature settings for impulse sealers vary depending on the model and the thickness of the sealing material. Generally, impulse sealers used in mycology operate at temperatures between 250°F to 350°F (121°C to 177°C). 

TIP: Experiment with the settings to achieve the best seal for your materials without overheating or scorching them.

120V 18? x 10mm Foot Pedal Operated Dual Element Impulse Sealer (2) Temperature Settings

How to Choose an Impulse Sealer

First and foremost, know the sizes of the bags you are going to use. Impulse Sealers come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to check the dimensions of your bags.

Sealing Material Thickness

Ensure that your chosen sealer can handle the thickness of the sealing material you intend to use.

Volume of Sealing

For commercial operations, consider a heavy-duty impulse sealer that can handle higher volumes of sealing. Our Foot Pedal Operated Dual Element Impulse Sealer may be a good fit for you.

Additional Features

Some impulse sealers come with advanced features such as adjustable heat and seal duration settings, which can provide greater control over the sealing process.

Impulse Sealers from FloCube

We offer high-quality impulse sealers for mushroom cultivators big and small. FloCube offers a few reliable options designed to meet the needs of both home hobbyists and commercial growers. Our impulse sealers are known for their durability and ease of use, making them an awesome, must-have addition to any mycology workspace.

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Budget-Friendly Option for Small Mushroom Farms

Impulse sealers are particularly attractive to small mushroom farms and home hobbyists. These compact devices provide an affordable means of creating sterile seals without the need for expensive, industrial-scale equipment. They are especially useful for those who are just starting out with mushroom cultivation.

Tips for Using Impulse Sealers Effectively

To make the most of your impulse sealer, here are some tips.

 Safety First: Be cautious when working with impulse sealers, as they reach high temperatures. Follow safety guidelines and use appropriate protective gear. They do get hot.


Cleanliness Matters

Be sure that both the sealing material and the sealer’s sealing surface are clean and free from contaminants. Wipe them down with a sterile cloth or alcohol swab. In mycology, cleanliness is everything!

Adjust Temperature and Time

Most impulse sealers allow you to adjust the sealing time and temperature. Experiment with these settings to find the best conditions for your sealing material. Play around with it before using it on your actual projects.


Proper Sealing Material 

Use heat-sealable bags or materials designed for your impulse sealer. Low-quality sealing material can result in weak seals or contamination. Spend the extra few bucks to get quality bags and a reliable impulse sealer. Believe you me, it will save you time and money in the long run.

Prevent Moisture

 Before sealing spore prints or agar plates, make sure they are completely dry. Moisture can compromise the integrity of the seal.

Technique Matters

Develop a consistent and controlled sealing technique. Start the seal slightly before the edge of the bag and maintain steady pressure as you move the sealer along the bag’s edge. Practice before you use it in your experiments, I can not stress that enough.


Regular Testing

Periodically test your seals by gently tugging on the sealed portion. It should remain intact and airtight. If seals fail, adjust your technique or sealer settings.

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