In the Lab: Uses of Laminar Flow Hoods

In the Lab: Uses of Laminar Flow Hoods

FloCube lets you focus on your research, regardless of the field.

FloCube, initially designed and built for mushroom cultivation, has been rapidly expanding our reach since our launch in 2021. We are now attracting customers from all industries that rely on the precision and cleanliness offered by our Laminar Flow Hoods, clean booths and other lab equipment.

A Fungi Foundation: FloCube’s Roots in Mushroom Cultivation

Founder and CEO, Chris started with a love of mycology and growing his own gourmet mushrooms. This shaped his commitment to quality products for mycologists as he struggled to find quality mycology equipment at a price point that made sense. Over time, FloCube’s reputation for lab quality flow hoods and lab equipment spread, catching the attention of researchers in a variety of fields.

2x3 Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods
2x2 Flow Hood for sale by FloCube

Plant Tissue Culture: Nurturing Green Life

Plant tissue culture is a delicate science involving the aseptic culture of plant cells, tissues, or organs in a controlled environment. FloCube Flow Hoods create a sterile workspace and are a must-have for a contam-free work area. Our vertical flow hoods offer unidirectional clean airflow and excel in these lab settings. Plant Tissue Culture Researchers are working more confidently with their delicate plant materials, knowing they are working in a sterile environment with FloCube Flow Hoods. 


Our Flow Hoods with HEPA filtration allow for the successful propagation of plants for research, agriculture, and horticulture while working in a sterile environment. Read more about flow hoods for Plant Tissue culture here 

©FloCube 2x3 Horizontal Flow Hood

Pharmaceutical Work with Flow Hoods

In the pharmaceutical industry, a sterile environment is non-negotiable. Medicinal products must be manufactured in environments free from contaminants. FloCube Laminar Flow Hoods play a critical role in pharmaceutical cleanrooms, ensuring that sensitive drug formulations and compounds remain uncontaminated. FloCube’s horizontal flow hoods and clean booths, equipped with HEPA filters, have found their way into these laboratories. 

Researchers and pharmaceutical companies rely on our commitment to quality laminar flow hoods to meet regulatory standards and produce medications.

FloCube Laminar Flow Hoods

When it comes to buying Laminar Flow Hoods, FloCube offers a wide array of options for various laboratory needs. Our Laminar Flow Hoods are known for their quality build. Whether you need a compact model for a small workspace or a larger unit for more extensive experiments, FloCubes come in a range of sizes.

All of our Flow Hoods and FFUs plug into any 220 outlet. Perfect for any level of research. Easy plug-and-play flow hood installation for any lab.

4x2 Vertical Flow hood with clean booth FFU

2×4 ft Laminar Flow Hoods

 Perfect for compact labs or workstations, these hoods provide an efficient and sterile workspace for a range of applications. Comes in both vertical and horizontal flow hood units.


2x2 Flow Hood Clean booth FFU sold by FloCube

2×2 ft ProFlow™ Laminar Flow Hoods

ISO 5 Class 100 Vertical Laminar Flow Hood. Take advantage of your table’s entire workspace and utilize your HEPA filter edge to edge!


2x2 Flow Hood FFU

FloCube® ProFlow™ 2×2 ft Laminar Flow Hood

Slim Design, only 12.8″ deep, requires only 3″ of space between the pre-filter and the wall for optimal operation



High-Tech Applications of Flow Hoods

In the high-tech sector, where the tiniest particle can disrupt intricate processes, Laminar Flow Hoods are widely used for a contam-free work zone. FloCube Flow Hoods can be used in the production of semiconductors, electronics, and nanotechnology. Our laminar flow hoods are trusted in cutting-edge environments, where even the slightest contamination leads to costly mishaps. The high-quality HEPA filters in FloCube’s flow hoods ensure that the air entering your workspace is free from particulate matter, safeguarding sensitive processes and maintaining the quality of high-tech products.

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“​​There are companies in every industry that sets a standard for quality that everyone else strives to live up to! When it comes to flow hoods, FloCube is that company setting the standard. It worked perfectly out of the extremely well-packaged box.”
Hand holding Home grown oyster mushrooms
FloCube Customer

Attracting Diverse Industries

What began as a solution for mycologists quickly drew attention from an array of industries. From food processing to aerospace, research institutions to biotechnology firms, FloCube’s reputation for quality flow foods and lab equipment spread like, well, like healthy mycelium!

Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood 2x2 Unit

Our flow hoods are now the go-to solution for any application where a sterile environment is necessary! FloCube lets you focus on your research.


Whether you’re nurturing plants, cultivating mushrooms, producing pharmaceuticals, crafting cutting-edge technology, or engaging in any field where a sterile environment matters, FloCube’s flow hoods are your solution. Check out the shop feel free to contact us with any questions at any time

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