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Why MERV 8 Pre-Filters Are Essential for Mycologists and Plant Tissue Culture Enthusiasts

For those cultivating mushrooms or working with delicate plant tissues, a sterile environment is critical. Here’s where HEPA filters come in, acting as guardians against airborne contaminants. But what many don’t realize is that HEPA filters have a silent protector: the MERV 8 pre-filter. Here’s why MERV 8 pre-filters are essential for Mycologists and Plant […]

Grow Mushrooms at home: Healthy golden oyster mushrooms growing in a bucket

What Do I Need to Grow Mushrooms at Home?

Growing mushrooms at home is a rewarding and fun activity that provides you with a fresh supply of tasty and nutritious mushrooms. Here are some things you’ll need to get started to grow mushrooms at home. Mushroom Spawn: Spawn is the starting material used to grow mushrooms. You can purchase spawn online or at local […]

Edible gourmet mushrooms

Contamination Prevention For Mushroom Growers

A single mold spore can wreck all your hard work. So, how can you keep troublesome contaminants from ruining your work after months of hard work and materials invested?

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