Laminar Flow Hoods for Agar Based Research

Laminar Flow Hoods for Agar Based Research 

In any research or experiment involving agar, maintaining a contamination-free work environment helps to achieve accurate, and, most importantly, reproducible results. The smallest introduction of unwanted microorganisms negatively impacts experiments and hinders progress. Here at FloCube we’re on a mission to help you create a contam-free work area for any and all research. We specialize […]

laminar flow hood From FloCube

How long should a laminar flow hood be turned on?

A laminar flow hood should be turned on for a sufficient amount of time to allow the air inside the hood to reach its required level of cleanliness. The duration of this process depends on a variety of factors such as the type of work being conducted, the cleanliness standards required, the size of the […]

3x4 Flow Hoods Difference between horizontal and vertical flow hoods

The Difference Between Horizontal vs Vertical Flow Hoods

Horizontal flow hoods and vertical flow hoods are both types of laminar flow hoods that are used to control airborne contamination in various settings such as cleanrooms, microbiology labs, and manufacturing facilities, well and of course in mushroom cultivation. The main difference between the two types of flow hoods is the direction of the airflow. […]

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