Impulse Sealers in Mycology - FloCube Product

Impulse Sealers in Mycology: Uses and Tips

In any lab work, including mycology, precision, and a sterile environment are the foundations of success. Your choice of lab equipment makes all the difference. Among the tools used in mushroom cultivation are impulse sealers. The impulse sealers available in our shop are budget-friendly, and essential, especially for small mushroom farms and hobbyists. In this […]

Green Mold on Mushrooms known as Trichoderma

How to Prevent Green Mold on Mushrooms – Trichoderma  

Trichoderma, commonly referred to as “green mold” is a fungal pathogen that poses a significant threat to mushroom cultivation. As a mycologist, it’s crucial to understand the growth patterns and causes of Trichoderma and preventive measures to protect your mushroom crops.  What is Trichoderma / Green Mold? Trichoderma is a filamentous fungus found in soil […]

laminar flow hood From FloCube

How long should a laminar flow hood be turned on?

A laminar flow hood should be turned on for a sufficient amount of time to allow the air inside the hood to reach its required level of cleanliness. The duration of this process depends on a variety of factors such as the type of work being conducted, the cleanliness standards required, the size of the […]

Oyster mushrooms home grown in substrate

How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms at Home

Mushroom Cultivation: As with any mushroom grow, there are a few essential steps to follow to grow oyster mushrooms at home.

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