laminar flow hood From FloCube

How long should a laminar flow hood be turned on?

A laminar flow hood should be turned on for a sufficient amount of time to allow the air inside the hood to reach its required level of cleanliness. The duration of this process depends on a variety of factors such as the type of work being conducted, the cleanliness standards required, the size of the […]

4 Steps To Making Grain Spawn

Before loading your grain jars or bags, make sure the grains are dry enough. An easy test is to grab a paper towel and lay a few grains from the middle of your batch. Leave for 15 seconds.

Contamination From Substrates

The best substrates for growing mushrooms are also the best substrates for many types of molds and bacteria.  One of the most common sources of contamination in mushroom cultivation is due to incomplete sterilization or inadequate pasteurization of your spawn or bulk substrate.  These competing contaminants and the dormant spores that naturally exist in bulk […]

How to Create An Inoculation Room

A bathroom or spare bedroom is the next best location for your lab. No matter which room you choose to set up your lab, if you are using a SAB, it’s best to shut any HVAC vents in the room you are working in before cleaning and setup.

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