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FloCube Horizontal Clean Booths are affordable enclosures that create a positive pressure zone around your FloCube ProFlow Laminar Flow Hood. This minimizes contamination by providing a sterile work area for tasks like agar work, inoculations, and mushroom cultivation. They ship in parts for assembly and come in various sizes to fit different FloCube ProFlow models.

  • Add a Horizontal Clean Booth to your existing flow hood. Fits FloCube® ProFlow™ Series Laminar Flow Hoods.
  • Also fits other brand FFU’s with HEPA filter sizes 23.6 x 23.6″, 23.6 x 36″, and 23.6 x 47.6″, with possible modified mounting.

Benefits of Clean Booths:

Highly Sensitive Experiments: If you’re working with cell cultures, sterile organisms, or anything susceptible to airborne contamination, a clean booth provides an extra layer of security. The positive pressure zone it creates minimizes the risk of outside contaminants disrupting your experiment.

Maintaining Aseptic Conditions: For procedures like agar work or inoculations, where sterility is crucial, a clean booth offers a more controlled environment. The reduced airflow around the work area compared to a straight flow hood can help prevent accidental disruption while still providing a clean air zone.

Working with Powders or Particles: If your lab work involves powders, dust, or other small particles, a clean booth can be helpful. It keeps these materials contained within the booth and minimizes the risk of them dispersing throughout the lab.

FloCube clean booths provide a more controlled micro-environment within your lab, ideal for situations requiring extra protection against contamination or for maintaining aseptic conditions. FloCube lets you focus on your research.

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Horizontal Add-on Clean Booth

24×24", 24×36", 24×48"


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