Cobweb Mold growing on mushrooms close up

Cobweb Mold on Mushrooms: Identification and Prevention Techniques

Cobweb Mold (Hypomyces rosellus) is one of the most common fungal pathogens that poses a significant threat to mushroom cultivation. It thrives in still air which makes it a greater threat to grain jars, substrate bags, and monotubs. It grows quickly. And when I say quickly, I mean it can go from the size of […]

Green Mold on Mushrooms known as Trichoderma

How to Prevent Green Mold on Mushrooms – Trichoderma  

Trichoderma, commonly referred to as “green mold” is a fungal pathogen that poses a significant threat to mushroom cultivation. As a mycologist, it’s crucial to understand the growth patterns and causes of Trichoderma and preventive measures to protect your mushroom crops.  What is Trichoderma / Green Mold? Trichoderma is a filamentous fungus found in soil […]

Edible gourmet mushrooms

Contamination Prevention For Mushroom Growers

A single mold spore can wreck all your hard work. So, how can you keep troublesome contaminants from ruining your work after months of hard work and materials invested?

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