Why You Need to Use Flow Hoods in Mushroom Cultivation

So you’re wondering what the role of flow hoods are in mushroom cultivation, and do you really need a flow hood? Well, if you’re a mushroom enthusiast or a professional grower, you know how crucial it is to create and maintain a clean and sterile environment for successful mushroom cultivation. Continue reading to learn why you need to use Flow Hoods in mushroom cultivation.

The popularity of cultivating mushrooms at home is on the rise. It’s our mission here at FloCube to share our knowledge with the mycology community and offer affordable mushroom cultivation equipment that’s accessible for both home or commercial use.

Successful Mushroom Cultivation Requires Careful Attention to Cleanliness 

A common mistake is underestimating the significance of maintaining a sanitized environment when cultivating mushrooms.

People assume that since mushrooms grow so well in the wild that cleanliness is not that big of a deal, but it is…it really is. Contaminants invade your workspace in all sorts of ways. New mushroom farmers unknowingly introduce contaminants that harm their mushroom cultures, which leads to crop failures and wasted time and money.

Photo of Winding Brook Farms Preparation to be inoculated with a live mycelium culture jars with FloCube Flow Hood+ HEPA Filter
Photo of Winding Brook Farms - Culture Jars prep to inoculated with live mycelium using a FloCube Flow Hood + HEPA Filter

A well-designed flow hood, like the flow hoods we make and sell here at FloCube, incorporates a fan unit that effectively seals off the perimeters of your working area, ensuring that the circulated air remains confined within your workspace. By doing so, it prevents any external contaminants from infiltrating your setup.

What are laminar flow hoods?

A laminar flow hood is a specialized lab-quality piece of equipment commonly used when handling biological materials. Often used in research labs of all sorts. In the context of mushroom farming, a flow hood’s primary purpose is to prevent cross-contamination and maintain a controlled environment while you work.

FloCube  Flow Hoods offer contam-free mushroom cultivation, ideal for agar work, inoculations and cloning.

FloCube Flow Hood 2x2 with HEPA for Mushroom Cultivation
2x2 laminar flow hood with HEPA filter made by FloCube

Flow hoods, also known as laminar flow hoods or clean booths, are specialized devices designed to create a sterile working environment. Flow hoods use high-efficiency particulate air filters, ( HEPA filters) to remove airborne contaminants such as dust, spores, and bacteria from the air. By providing a continuous flow of clean air, flow hoods help prevent contamination during critical stages of mushroom cultivation. A flow hood is one of the best investments you can make for your mushroom cultivation equipment.

FloCube brings you the state-of-the-art 4×2 Flow Hoods with HEPA filters, designed to revolutionize your mushroom cultivation experience.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures a clean and controlled environment, allowing your mushrooms to thrive and reach their full potential. Join our growing list of satisfied customers who have already elevated their mushroom cultivation game with FloCube!

4x2 vertical laminar Flow Hood made by FloCube.
4X4 H14 HEPA FILTER For Flow hood - FLoCube Products
4x3 Flow Hood Fan Filter Unit Laminar Air Flow Hood for Mycology Lab FFU with H14 HEPA Filter Cleanliness Class 100 (110V)

Why Choose FloCube Flow Hoods?

Superior Air Filtration

Our Flow Hoods are equipped with HEPA filters, which provide outstanding air filtration capabilities. These filters effectively trap contaminants, ensuring that your mushrooms grow in a sterile and safe environment. Say goodbye to unwanted particles and hello to healthier yields! We have FloCube flow hoods in an array of sizes, all the way from our 2ft x 2ft flow hood model and going up to 4ft x 2ft Flow Hoods. 


Optimal Airflow Control

Maintaining the right airflow is crucial for successful mushroom cultivation. FloCube Flow Hoods offer precise airflow control, allowing you to create the perfect conditions for your mushroom growth. Achieve consistent and balanced airflow to optimize your yields and minimize the risk of contamination.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

We understand the importance of convenience in your mushroom cultivation process. FloCube Flow Hoods are designed for easy installation, requiring minimal effort to set up. Our Flow Hoods plug into any home outlet! FloCubes are low-maintenance, saving you valuable time and energy. Focus on what matters most – your research and growing exceptional mushrooms!

Compact and Space-Saving

With sizes starting at 2ft x 2ft our Flow Hoods are compact and space-saving. Whether you have a small-scale operation or a larger setup, FloCube has the perfect solution for you. Maximize your growing space without compromising on functionality or efficiency.

Versatile Applications

While FloCube Flow Hoods are specifically designed for mushroom cultivation, their versatility extends beyond just mushrooms. These hoods can also be used for other applications, such as laboratory work, cleanrooms, and more. Experience the adaptability of FloCube products!

Exceptional Build Quality

At FloCube, we prioritize durability and longevity, as well as affordability! Our Flow Hoods are crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring their resilience and reliability. Invest in a product that will withstand the test of time and continue delivering exceptional results for years to come.

Outstanding Customer Support!

I believe in providing excellent customer service throughout your FloCube journey. I’m always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. Your satisfaction is my #1 priority! Contact me here

4x2 vertical laminar Flow Hood made by FloCube.

Invest in FloCube Flow Hoods – your trusted partner in mushroom cultivation.

Join the growing community of satisfied cultivators who have unlocked the true potential of their mushrooms with FloCube Flow Hoods. Place your order now and get ready for enhanced productivity, efficiency, and success! FloCube lets you focus on your research. 

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