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FloCube is a startup company redefining sterile work environments with flow hoods for every amateur mycologist and professional alike. We offer top quality and affordable Laminar Flow Hoods and mushroom cultivation equipment.


Meet Chris.

I love mycology. I’m a hobbyist mycologist who loves growing mushrooms and helping people learn to grow. After nearly two decades in the corporate world, I was ready to launch my own company. I launched Flocube in August of 2020, selling my products on EBay. I’m grateful for my fantastic customer base and their continued support! Plus, I’ve met the coolest cultivators along the way. I’m thankful that I get to do this full-time and share my dream lab setups and cultivation products with everyone who wants them. I’m just livin the dream!
 My goal was to make mycology my full-time job. I decided to grow and sell gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. I got to the point where I needed to source a laminar flow hood and finally set up a real lab. Unfortunately, there was no one vendor to buy all the parts required to build one, nor was there an affordable turnkey solution available. Your options are limited to lab grade units which are several thousand dollars or sourcing a blower and a filter and building your unit. Sourcing the parts you need to build your flow hood from several vendors is frustrating. I realized there was a better way to go for all of us! I started sourcing and testing fan filter units and HEPA filters from several manufacturers. A year or so later, I finally had a few great manufacturers for my parts and products. When Covid hit, I decided to start my company and bring my first flow hoods to market. I launched the first consumer version of Flocube on EBay in November 2020.
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Flocubes are the best quality flow hoods for mycology 

Just getting started

I was not happy with the solutions for sterile  lab equipment for mushroom cultivation that were available and realized there was a huge need for someone to build commercial grade laboratory equipment  that plugs in at home. 

I am proud to say the current model FloCubes are the best quality flow hoods for every amatuer scientist and professional alike in the $1,000 price range.


Laboratory quality for any size grower.

Over the last couple years, I’ve been designing and testing custom-made modular Clean Booths made of aluminum extrusion that allow you to convert a Flocube Flow Hood into a Vertical or Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood. I also have several customers who’ve been testing both types of Clean Booths with the 4x2ft Flow Hoods since fall 2021 with great success. 

Like equipment found in a real laboratory, this takes any Flocube Flow Hood and adds a cabinet that creates a much larger work safe area also maximizing every inch of your HEPA filters real estate. Flocube Clean Booths are custom-made to hold single or multiple Flocube Flow Hood units, with Horizontal and Vertical models available.

FloCube was recommended to me by a close friend. She swore by their service and product. I am so glad I gave them a call!! Great product, the BEST customer service around, and built by a guy that understands the needs of us folks using Flow Hoods. If you’re in the Market, Chris and FloCube is the way to go.
James F.
“Wanted to say thanks again for Chris at FloCube for providing some top quality equipment. We are a small Mushroom Substrate and Media Company called GCK Mushrooms and now we exclusively use these flow hoods. We run over two thousand agar plates in front of these hoods every month, and have almost zero contamination complaints. Would absolutely recommend these products for any hobby or professional grade mycologists”
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Connor @ GCK
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