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Why MERV 8 Pre-Filters Are Essential for Mycologists and Plant Tissue Culture Enthusiasts

For those cultivating mushrooms or working with delicate plant tissues, a sterile environment is critical. Here’s where HEPA filters come in, acting as guardians against airborne contaminants. But what many don’t realize is that HEPA filters have a silent protector: the MERV 8 pre-filter. Here’s why MERV 8 pre-filters are essential for Mycologists and Plant […]

ProFlow Flow Hood Vertical

Announcing the FloCube® ProFlow™ Series of Flow Hoods

Our new product line is a game changer in the industry of flow hoods for commercial use and home hobbyists! Selling at a price point that makes sense. The original FloCube model was pretty darn amazing, no doubt about it! It served us and our customers well, but we couldn’t help but think there was […]

In the Lab: Uses of Laminar Flow Hoods

In the Lab: Uses of Laminar Flow Hoods

FloCube lets you focus on your research, regardless of the field. FloCube, initially designed and built for mushroom cultivation, has been rapidly expanding our reach since our launch in 2021. We are now attracting customers from all industries that rely on the precision and cleanliness offered by our Laminar Flow Hoods, clean booths and other […]

Laminar Flow Hoods vs. Biosafety Cabinets

Laminar Flow Hoods vs. Biosafety Cabinets

What’s the difference between Laminar Flow Hoods and Biosafety Cabinets? Well, both serve functions in maintaining the integrity of experiments and protecting researchers. In short, Laminar Flow Hoods maintain sterility with clean airflow. Biosafety Cabinets provide added protection, shielding against biohazards and ensuring personnel safety.    Laminar Flow Hoods are for contamination control; Biosafety Cabinets are […]

Impulse Sealers in Mycology - FloCube Product

Impulse Sealers in Mycology: Uses and Tips

In any lab work, including mycology, precision, and a sterile environment are the foundations of success. Your choice of lab equipment makes all the difference. Among the tools used in mushroom cultivation are impulse sealers. The impulse sealers available in our shop are budget-friendly, and essential, especially for small mushroom farms and hobbyists. In this […]

What Agar is used for in Mushroom Cultivation

What is Agar used for in Mushroom Cultivation?

Mycology, the scientific study of fungi, has captivated researchers and hobbyists alike for centuries, including me. One of the key techniques mycologists use in their research to understand fungi and cultivating mushrooms is the use of agar. So, why do we mycologists consider agar an indispensable component of the mushroom cultivation process? Good question. Here’s […]


Using FloCube Flow Hoods for Plant Tissue Cultures

Plant tissue cultures have revolutionized agricultural research, plant breeding, and biotechnology by enabling the propagation and manipulation of plant cells in a controlled environment. Maintaining a sterile and contamination-free workspace in plant tissue culture experiments is needed for the success and accuracy of results.  FloCube Flow Hoods have emerged as a game-changer to the industry […]

Laminar Flow Hoods for Agar Based Research

Laminar Flow Hoods for Agar Based Research 

In any research or experiment involving agar, maintaining a contamination-free work environment helps to achieve accurate, and, most importantly, reproducible results. The smallest introduction of unwanted microorganisms negatively impacts experiments and hinders progress. Here at FloCube we’re on a mission to help you create a contam-free work area for any and all research. We specialize […]

Cobweb Mold growing on mushrooms close up

Cobweb Mold on Mushrooms: Identification and Prevention Techniques

Cobweb Mold (Hypomyces rosellus) is one of the most common fungal pathogens that poses a significant threat to mushroom cultivation. It thrives in still air which makes it a greater threat to grain jars, substrate bags, and monotubs. It grows quickly. And when I say quickly, I mean it can go from the size of […]

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