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FloCube Pro Flow Hoods

FloCube Flow Hoods and Lab Equipment.

Contamination-free cultivation.

Our mission at FloCube is to provide the mycology community with affordable laboratory-grade flow hoods and a comprehensive range of premium mushroom cultivation equipment. Specializing in horizontal and vertical laminar flow hoods available in an array of sizes.

FloCube Flow Hoods & Lab Equipment. Our products let you focus on your research with contamination-free mushroom cultivation.


FloCube lets you focus on your research.


One of the primary challenges in mushroom cultivation is avoiding contamination from bacteria, mold spores, and other unwanted microbes. A flow hood plays a crucial role in maintaining a sterile environment for various stages of the cultivation process, such as agar work, inoculations, cloning, grain-to-grain transfers, and liquid cultures. Maximize your efficiency and work confidently with a FloCube Flow Hood. 

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Why choose FloCube Flow Hoods and Lab Equipment?

By the Community, For the Community:

Every piece of equipment we create is born from our own passion for mycology. We’re not just manufacturers; we’re members of the community. When you choose FloCube®, you’re choosing a product that we proudly use ourselves. Learn more about founder Chris here

Unrivaled Customer Support:

Your journey doesn’t end with a purchase; it’s just the beginning. Our dedicated customer service team is here to help! Get the support you need, when you need it. With FloCube®, you’re never alone; you’re part of the community and your success is our priority. Contact us here 

Industry-Leading Warranty:

We believe in the quality of our products, and we want you to share that confidence. That’s why we offer an industry-best 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the motor and electronics and 90 days on filters. It’s not just a promise; it’s our commitment to your peace of mind.

Reliability You Can Trust:

Every FloCube® flow hood undergoes thorough quality control and testing prior to packaging and shipping. We don’t settle for good; we strive for perfection.

Guaranteed Shipping:

We understand the excitement of your investment and the anticipation of its arrival. With FloCube®, you can rest easy. We pack our products properly to ensure your product reaches you safe and sound.

What you get with FloCube

Saved time, increased efficiency, contamination free sterile work environment, contamination free mushroom cultivation.

Zero Contams!

The number one problem in mushroom cultivation is contamination. FloCubes are benchtop laminar flow hoods that create a lab/hospital grade sterile environment for the most sensitive mycological work to be done with zero contamination.

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I love mycology. I love growing mushrooms.

I’m a self-taught hobbyist mycologist who loves growing mushrooms. Several years ago, I was tired of the restrictions of a SAB, so I decided it was time to invest in a laminar flow hood. I was frustrated with the lack of affordable lab-grade equipment and having to source parts from several different vendors to build one. After a few years of R&D and several significant product improvements, I am proud to say the current model FloCubes are the best quality flow hoods for every amateur scientist and professional alike in the $1,000 price range.

FloCube Reviews: Here's what customers have to say about FloCube Products​

FloCube was recommended to me by a close friend. She swore by their service and product. I am so glad I gave them a call!! Great product, the BEST customer service around, and built by a guy that understands the needs of us folks using Flow Hoods. If you’re in the Market, Chris and FloCube is the way to go.

James F.

First and foremost the execution of the packaging for the filter and the fan unit was amazing. It is very apparent that Chris wants his product to be delivered safely. I am also extremely impressed at the craftsmanship and the attention to detail in the construction and finishing touches of the fan unit. 

Directions were very easy to understand. I was up and running in 20 minutes. The choice of the fan speed is great depending on what work I am doing and the noise of the fan is not overwhelming as it is in a lot of other units. The highest setting on the fan is what I use most and is not too overpowering. It is dialed in just right for culture work when you need that nice even flow of sterile air. I later on received an enclosure for my Flocube which turned my horizontal hood into a vertical one. 

I cannot state in words how freaking awesome this addition to my unit is. My farm not only grows mushrooms for restaurants and the farmers market but we do mycorrhizal research as well. So having a consistently sterile workspace is critical. I will be buying another FloCube as my business expands and would fully encourage anyone wanting a quality flow hood to get one from Chris at FloCube.


Hey Chris, it’s Adam. 

Happy FloCube customer here. Just wanted to say thanks again for everything. I’ve had it for maybe close to a month now, and it’s made working a pleasure and seems to have really brought contamination rates down. The only thing that gave trouble were some transfers from old plates done in a still air box. Everything fresh has been clean as a whistle. So overall very happy. I made a post to a Facebook group asking about a good rack for pouring dishes and a lot of folks were asking me about the unit. I wish you much success and am thinking about the clean booth add on. I have wanted a proper flow hood for a good while now so it was almost a relief to finally buy one.


FloCube customer set up - Adam

“Wanted to say thanks again for Chris at FloCube for providing some top quality equipment. We are a small Mushroom Substrate and Media Company called GCK Mushrooms and now we exclusively use these flow hoods. We run over two thousand agar plates in front of these hoods every month, and have almost zero contamination complaints. Would absolutely recommend these products for any hobby or professional grade mycologists”

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