What is a Still Air Box (SAB) vs. Flow Hood?

Many growers begin their mushroom cultivation experience with a Still Air Box.  Given that a Still Air Box can be created in about 20 minutes for less than $40 using equipment that many people already own, the decision for many new cultivators is easy.  

When properly cleaned and sanitized, the Still Air Box creates a semi-sterile environment where stray floating fungal, viral, and bacterial matter cannot penetrate or tumble down from above.  

A sterile environment is critical when working with a sterile, nutrient-dense substrate.  A Still Air Box reduces the risk of contamination.  It raises the chances of success by avoiding unwanted invaders and keeping the environment still and semi-sterile.


What is a Laminar Hood Flow Hood?

A laminar flow hood is the best way to reduce contaminants in the air.  A Laminar Flow Hood provides a steady, controlled flow stream of HEPA filtered air to the area in front of the HEPA filter.  A flow hood provides a sterile work environment to conduct mycological research.  When used correctly, it will successfully eliminate airborne contaminants.

Flow Hoods are the more expensive option when compared to making a Still Air Box out of a clear plastic tub.  However, flow Hoods save you valuable time and help take the guesswork out of where any contamination may have come from in your grows.  

In addition, they make working with agar, liquid cultures, inoculations, grain to grain, and grain to substrate transfers more straightforward, while drastically increasing your success rates. 


No more Lysol or lengthy room prep!  

Before use, turn on your flow hood and run it for 15-30 minutes.  Then use isopropyl alcohol to spray and wipe down the entire work area, tools, and every item you will be working with in the front of the flow hood. 

Suppose your sterile technique is perfect and you use properly sterilized grains or sawdust.  In that case, you will quickly increase your success rates to 95-100%. 

No matter the cultivator’s experience, we all run into contamination issues from time to time.  Failure is the best teacher.



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